Visitor Kiosk

Sauk Prairie Visitor Center

UX/UI Kiosk

The Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce exists to promote and foster a healthy economy and quality lifestyle for the Sauk Prairie community. This building offers a wonderful little exhibit open to the public where you can submerge into the rich history of the Sauk Prairie area. This exhibit also offers a huge fish tank for a close up look at every species in the Wisconsin River. The Wisconsin River is a major monument in the community and draws in many visitors. This kiosk would offer an educational twist to the exhibit in hopes that a more interactive experience will draw in more visitors. This exhibit will offer a place for the visitors to get up and close with the species and understand in depth what type of habitat they live in, how to catch them, and the most effective gear to catch them. This kiosk will offer people in the area a chance to connect and learn more about the wildlife. Users can also upload pictures of their big catch of the day to the showcase through social media. This kiosk will spark more interaction in the community and get more visitors and community members alike excited about the great fishing around Sauk.

Minimum Viable Product

This section links users wants, needs, and frustration with real elements that will be included in the design of the app.

User Research


I interviewed many different people in Sauk that I thought could benefit from the addition of this kiosk. Using underlying information I took from them, I created 3 different personas based off of the interviews.

User Flows

Mood Boards

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Style Tile

Lo-Fi Wireframe

Simple wireframe of what I want the app to eventually look like. It is crucial to get ideas out and design specifically for the users needs without all of the pressure. Concepting  and troubleshooting problems in this step make it much faster once we get into the actual design.


Conceptual wireframe that is more of a detailed version of what the app will eventually look like. It is crucial to get all of the UI elements placed perfectly for the user before starting the actual design.