You Stop the Spread

You Stop the Spread

Campaign design

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services collaborated with KW2 to create a centralized “hub” for important information related to COVID-19 and the vaccines on its website. This new section served to inform and educate the public about the vaccines, help combat vaccine hesitancy, and work to improve mental health. During this project, the COVID-19 vaccines were in the approval process, and vast misinformation was circulating on the internet. DHS wanted a centralized location for users to gain essential and reliable vaccine information. This section incorporated information about vaccine development, safety, eligibility, side effects, FAQs, and Wisconsin-specific data. When finished, this section served the general public and local and national companies and departments. During the height of the pandemic in 2021, this section experienced more than 29 million pageviews and, to this day, is still the most popular section on the DHS website. 

My Role in the Project

We started by organizing a discovery meeting with key DHS stakeholders. We gained more insight into the purpose of these web pages, the audiences they would serve, and additional content or functionality requirements. Following this conversation, we created a discovery key findings document that established the fundamental goals for these new web pages. Next, we developed the information architecture and content strategy. After approval, we began designing wireframes before collaborating with our graphic designer to establish the look and feel of this new section.

You Stop the Spread Campaign


Photo of the DHS COVID-19 Homepage

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